Creating Coloured Play Sand

Have you recently bought play sand for your children? You want to think of creative new ideas with what to do with it but you’ve come up short? Well how about creating your very own coloured sand? It will be new and exciting for the kids to play with and we think they will even enjoy helping you make it (even though it may get a little messy). It’s really simple, safe and the materials are easy to get hold of. So if you want to bring a bit of colour to your children’s sand play, here we go!

So first of all, we’ll start with the list of things that you’ll need.

What You Will Need:

  • Safe to use Play sand (if you’re unsure which to get always make sure the supplier has an EN 1177:2008 certificate. See our certificate below).
  • Bowl for mixing / or zip lock bags which you can give to the kids to mix which they will most likely enjoy
  • Different food colouring
  • Kitchen roll
  • Spoon to mix with
  • Plastic tray to dry the sand
  • Plastic containers for storage

Step #1

So you’ve got all the items in the list and you’re ready to go. First, place the play sand into your bowl (or if you want to do slightly more, the zip lock bag). Add one tablespoon of food colouring to the sand, get the spoon and start to mix. If the colour isn’t as strong as you would like, add more colouring until you get the desired bright colour.

Step #2

The next step is to dry out the sand. Place a few kitchen roll towels on your plastic tray and place the sand on top. Find an area that will be best suited to dry the sand where it won’t blow away! It’s a good idea to rotate the sand every so often to make sure all the sand eventually dries out.

Step #3

The last step is to just ensure that any larger clumps are broken up and to make sure it’s all dry. Other than that, you’ll just have to repeat the process for the other colours that you wish to make and there you have it, coloured sand!

Storing Your Coloured Sand

When it’s time to pack away the sand after use, you can store in zip lock bags or plastic containers. This will ensure the sand will last for years to come.

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